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Which Would You Keep?
(Twitter #WhichWouldYouKeep)

To May 30th
North Vancouver City Library, 3rd Floor

Photographer FrankBe sure to check out the Museum & Archives' changing displays on the third floor of the library. The current display asks viewers which one of two objects they would choose to keep in our artifact collection. North Vancouver’s Museum wants to have the best artifact collection possible, so we’re sorting through what to keep and what to let go. We want to know what questions you would ask to make the decision.

Check out the objects at the City ‘s Public Library or on NVMA’s social media pages and let us know what you think at Facebook. Or on Twitter with #WhichWouldYouKeep. Or feel free to send us an email at


The Great Cut: The Land, The Men, The Work
To mid-August
Community History Centre

Photographer FrankThis display showcases unique photos of the early days of logging on the North Shore. Timber transformed our landscape, drove the economy, and shaped the North Shore we know today. It was an effort which required brute strength, ingenuity, daring, and which cost many lives. This display may also be seen online.



Permanent Collection

The North Vancouver Story
Museum in Presentation House - (Open by Appointment Only)

Interior of exhibit gallery with sculpture of a lion (from the Lions Gate Bridge) facing forward in the foreground.In one of the world’s most spectacular settings, human activity has shaped the environment and has been shaped by it. Learn the story of North Vancouver’s rise from an isolated logging town to today’s dynamic urban community. The permanent exhibition gallery encapsulates 150 years of history, from pre-contact times to the present, using artifacts and photographs in themed displays to tell the unique story of the community and its people.

The North Vancouver Story is open by appointment only on Thursdays and Fridays. Call 604.990.3700 ex. 8016 for details.


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